Tuesday, December 22, 2020


 rTxt2htm creates standalone, XHTML 1-strict HTML files from text files with special but simple and unobtrusive markup. It is intended for generating HTML versions of plain-text documentation (like 'readme' files that accompany software distributions; the 'r' in rTxt2htm hints at 'readme'). Documentation files are often in plain-text format, which, while versatile, lacks the enhanced functionality of hyperlinks that allow one to jump between sections of the documentation or to resources outside it. rTxt2htm parses text files written in a specific format for title, keywords, URLs, sections, code fragments, styled text, tables of content, etc., creating the necessary HTML elements for presentation in the HTML output. A form interface provides an easy way to specify the text files whose HTML versions have to be generated, and additional information for use in the HTM files. File content can also be pasted in the form.

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