Saturday, September 3, 2016

Stat Flex

The script tracks more than 10 types of stats (pageloads, unique & returning visitors; visitor path; system statistics; etc). You can view the stats for a given timeframe and subset of users, which allows, in addition to general stats, creating precise queries that can really help in making a decision. For example, you are paying for an ad at some site (say, at and you want to check its efficiency. You can query the script how many visitors who come from visit your order page later. You can create, store, edit queries, and add favorite queries to main menu. Other features: graphic and table data representation; compact database format (one entry per visitor). Also, the script will block your own visits to your websites from being counted. To add a web page to statistics you need to add a short JavaScript code. 

Visit publisher site: Stat Flex

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