Saturday, September 3, 2016

Simple Blog PHP

If you need a blog on your website, you're at the right place.
Simple Blog PHP features:
*One step installation wizard;
*Copy/paste one line of code to insert the blog on your webpage;
*User friendly admin panel;
*Any language support;
*Easy css visual style setup from the admin area;
*CSS file for advanced users to modify the look of the script;
*Content text/html editor;
*Images, flash movies, youtube(vimeo) video could be added in the post content;
*Lightbox the images;
*Search box for posts - optional;
*Share buttons "FaceBook", "Twitter" etc...;
*Date format in different languages;
*List of banned words and banned IP addresses for the comments;
*Time offset option in case webserver is not your time zone;
*Option to approve comments before having them listed;
*Delete comments in bulk;
*Email notification for new comment;
*Validated RSS Feed;
*Latest PHP code standards;
*Iincrease/decrease text size A+/a-;  

Visit publisher site: Simple Blog PHP

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