Friday, September 23, 2016

KB Affiliate/Referral Script

The user after login can send invitations his/her friends, only a limited number of invitations can be send daily by the user depending on the maximum number of invitations set by you (default is 10), you can change the default number and also it you can vary it for individual user. The user account has the Referral URL in his account which can be used for referring users. It is a 3 level referral system and user can view the Referral Tree containing the users which comes in the 3 levels. Also user can view the profile of these referrals. Only those profiles can be viewed which comes under 3 levels of user. Data for Profile Visits, Referral URL clicks and Invitation send are displayed in Total, Today and Last (date/time).

Visit publisher site: KB Affiliate/Referral Script

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