Friday, April 17, 2020

World of Phaos

World of Phaos is a browser based MMORPG written in PHP. World of Phaos Current Features Include: Character creation, Ability to purchase/sell weapons and armor, Ability to fight in the arena, Traveling to different towns, Chatting with other players, Ability to fight other players, Ability to trade other players, race dependent special abilities, and a Magic System. As of version 0.9.4 the layout of Phaos is now frameless.
Visit publisher site: World of Phaos

Prediction Football

Football (Soccer) Prediction League allowing simple user and admin configuration. Match statistics, results and future predictions. Time based predictions automatically block predictions after the match has started. Broadcast email capability for the admin. Configurable number of admin accounts. User avatars with simple addition for custom images. Install includes automated install script for dbase table and admin creation. Option of encrypted and plain text passwords. Log file for change tracking. Multiple language support. Currently English, Portugese, Finnish, Malay, Indonesian, German, Danish, Dutch, French, Norwegian, Chinese, Swedish, Spanish, Romanian, Arabic and Scots.
Visit publisher site: Prediction Football


This is the famous Hangman game written in PHP code with XML compatibility. It uses PHP sessions and so it can be used with browsers which don't use cookies, too, Lynx included. Words are read from a file or stored in a MySQL or SQLite database. With the MySQL version as well as the SQLite version you can store also scores and best players. Special versions with Swedish, Finnish and Arabian characters are also available and it has been coded also for famous portal systems such as phpwebsite and phpnuke. The new SQLite version is fully PHP5 compatible and gives you the power of an SQL server without having to install MySQL.
Visit publisher site: Hangman


Simuland is a simulation game program that allows users to create their own business empire and compete with others. Currently unsupported and looking for new developers.
Visit publisher site: Simuland

PHP Poker Engine

This package can be used to implement a Poker game engine. It has a class that can deal and shuffle a deck of cards. There is another class that can evaluate a deck of cards to check if it matches a Poker sequence. In case the deck matches a Poker sequence it returns the name of the sequence and the number of points it is worth in the Poker game. The package now includes comprehensive help files. The deck now supports the return of card images and has a new method to convert card strings to card arrays for evaluation by the engine.
Visit publisher site: PHP Poker Engine


Promisance is a web-based turn-based strategy game system written in PHP and Perl that uses a MySQL database on backend. The distribution file also includes all cron scripts and data to start running the game.
Visit publisher site: Promisance


You can run your own sports pool Web site with SportsPHool, a PHP/MySQL based pick 'em program that can be used for almost any sport. Full admin interface and Web-based setup program make it a snap to install and get going.
Visit publisher site: SportsPHool