Monday, April 13, 2020

Secure PHP Mail Form

Free PHP Mail Form is a single-page multi-use PHP mail (e-mail) website form that allows your users to send you feedback directly from your website, without the need to customise heavily detailed scripts and panic over security. Stuff that comes as standard: - Meta header and JavaScript injection protection - Tags stripped and whitespace trimmed - Validity and length checking on fields - IP and browser details included in e-mail - Valid data kept when other errors occur - Spam word and exploit check - Common bot blocking to prevent automated mails - Bayesian style spam filtering - Compatibility with even the newer versions PHP - Optional thank you page redirect - Set your own success/error message styling - New in 2.2: disable Send button on successful mail send to help prevent spam - New in 2.2: easily customise required fields
Visit publisher site: Secure PHP Mail Form

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