Sunday, September 18, 2016

GentleSource Comment Script

Once you have the script installed on your server you can include it in any existing PHP or HTML page. By default the script shows the form fields "name", "E-mail", "Homepage", "Title", and "Comment". You are free to remove some of the fields and only leave the ones you want. The field "Comment" is mandatory and the form will not submit until that field has been filled out. In order to prevent the script from being abused by automatic spam bots, you can enable the Captcha feature. The script then asks your visitors to enter a text they see in the image below the comment form into an input box. The comment will only be submitted if the strings match. Visitors have to ensure that their browser support and accept cookies, otherwise the comment cannot be verified. The script also features an admin area where comments can be edited and deleted. Also there is a section for settings where you can set the front end language as well as the admin account.

Visit publisher site: GentleSource Comment Script

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