Friday, December 6, 2019

PHP Source Code Utility

Highlight PHP syntax and optionally add line numbers to PHP source code or files, with several output options. Files to highlight are chosen in a form and temporarily uploaded to the remote server, or you can use this script on your local server to aid PHP development.
Visit publisher site: PHP Source Code Utility

mkInstaller - an installer for your php scripts

If you distribute php scripts that need an installation, mkInstaller builds an installer, that is another php script. The installer is loaded as a web page that request some information using a form, and then perfroms the installation. Complete information and tutorial at http://mkinstaller.nisu.o rg/
Visit publisher site: mkInstaller - an installer for your php scripts

php Multi Syntax Highlighter

php Multi Syntax Highlighter v1.1.0 will "beautify" PHP, Pascal, Delphi and Applescript and others source code. It is not implemented like other beautifiers, as it does not use pcre function or ereg functions, and allows syntax code continually line by line to reduce memory usage. using css file for color and style, and compatible with XHTML.
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PHPSPELLBOOK is a suite of tools for Websites promotion, diagnosis and improvement. It provides to webmasters tools as: advertisiment submission, mass mailer, fake hits generators, broken link checker, link exchange checker, fake click generators, anonymizer tools, calendar, e-mail handling and parsing tools, url generators, ...
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Php Syntax Highlighter

This small script convert your PHP code into a syntax colored html text. It is usefull if you want to display your PHP code on a html page with nice colors. Ideal for document and tutorial writers.
Visit publisher site: Php Syntax Highlighter


pmatch is an alternative to grep. It has most of the same functionality, but coupled with the power of PCRE engine in PHP. By default, pmatch shows only the portion of the line that matched, unlike grep that always shows the entire line.
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This simple PHP script allows you to make a state-maintaining popup menu of countries, using ISO 3166 standard abbreviations. This site requires registration before downloading files.
Visit publisher site: CountryList